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Dance has been a number one passion in my life and I have taught dance for over 10 years. I am lucky enough to have travelled around the world doing what I love. My mission is to empower my students to be the best they can be and to strive to be the greatest version of themselves. Self love, positive mindset and looking after your wellbeing are important aspects and I base my teaching practice on these fundamental ideas.

Gaining a Crohn’s diagnosis in November 2017 has made me want to share my experience and my mission with more people. I started Chronic Healthy Living a few months after my diagnosis as a way to share my experiences and document what I have been going through.

Within 5 months of my diagnosis I was hospitalised for the first time. My Crohn’s had got so bad in my small bowel I already needed a resection. I had a bowel resection shortly after and I became the proud owner of a temporary stoma.

I believe our lives are a journey and each experience has a lesson to be learnt. I will share these with you as I continue on my journey.

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